Off The Record

Off The Record Podcast

Off the Record, the podcast, brings voices from the inside out to provide peer support and resources for young people vulnerable to the involvement in violence and crime. O.T.R holds real discussions and shares views on personal, social and systemic issues, ranging from gun violence in our city to the effects of COVID-19 in our jails.

Off the Record is hosted by Amadeusz peer mentors. Both of these young men have been incarcerated themselves, and are determined to have real and honest conversations about their experience before, during and after incarceration on this podcast. Please find our host bios below:

Warren is considered an ex-gang member of Toronto, who served 11 years in prison for a gang-related homicide. During his incarceration, Warren was a participant in Amadeusz’s education program. After his release, he has since changed his life and is in the field of helping youth in vulnerable communities. Steering youth away from the gang-culture and criminal lifestyle, Warren is a peer mentor and a public speaker.

Cauldrick is an African-American father of two. At a young age, he was involved in a criminal lifestyle from drug trafficking, to gun violence, and has seen the inside of jail cell a handful of times. Since almost losing his life to gun violence in 2010, Cauldrick has since turned his life around, and has gone on to become a peer mentor and a public speaker. Cauldrick also worked with multiple organizations within the community helping young people facing social and systemic barriers, and who are vulnerable to violence, crime and incarceration.