“This program has opened doors for me I thought were closed long ago”

– Former education program participant

Amadeusz is a not-for-profit organization in Ontario that has been operating since 2009. Amadeusz supports young people who are incarcerated to create positive change in their lives through access to education, community supports, mentorship, and exceptional care.

Education Program

Amadeusz facilitates an education program for youth aged 18-35 who are incarcerated at the Toronto South Detention Centre, the Toronto East Detention Centre, and the Vanier Centre for Women. The goal of this program is to provide young people who are in detention with the opportunity, resources and support to complete their high school education and to explore, prepare for and attend post-secondary schooling. Take a look at our process flowchart for more information.


Prosper works with young people aged 18-29 with firearm related charges throughout incarceration and co-ordinates existing systems to support their transition to community with the aim to reduce their involvement in future violence and crime.

The Quiet Storm

The Quiet Storm is a strategy that was established to fulfill the recommendations outlined in Look at my Life: Access to Education for the Remand Population in Ontario (Woods, Gopal, & George, 2014).


Amadeusz engages in many research projects. Visit our research page for more information.

Off The Record

Off the Record, the podcast, brings voices from the inside out. O.T.R holds real discussions and shares views on personal, social and systemic issues, ranging from gun violence in our city to the effects of COVID-19 in our jails.


Recipient of Toronto Community Foundation’s Vital Idea Award 2012
Recipient of Canadian Urban Institute’s Urban Leadership Award for Safety and Resilience in Canada 2012
Recipient of The City of Toronto’s Youth Worker of the Year Award 2009 and 2012
Shortlisted for the 3M Health Leadership Award 2013 & The Urban Hero Award 2009
2021 Canadian Business Awards – Best Young Offender Rehabilitation Social Justice Initiative – Ontario

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