In 2014, in partnership with Ryerson University, the Project published a study called “Look at my Life: Access to Education for the Remand Population in Ontario”. This piece of research looked at how the lack of education for the remand population is, in fact, a violation of their human right. Arguments are made to support and fight for this right.

In 2016, Amadeusz partnered with Humber College and The City of Toronto to complete a research project regarding youth violence identified sparks in the City of Toronto. 

Currently, The Look At My Life Project is completing 3 other research projects focused on examining the the various barriers incarcerated young people face in Ontario.

Publications & Reports:

  • Purnima, G., Gopal, T., & Woods, S. (2014). Look at my life: access to education for the remand population in Ontario. Canadian Review of Social Policy, 70, 34-47.
  • Alternative Education For Marginalized Youth In Toronto
  • Implementing An Alternative Education Program For Incarcerated Youth 2011
  • Most Significant Change 2011

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