The Look At My Life Project

Amadeusz’ The Look At My Life Project (TLMLP) which launched in 2009 was developed in response to a significant gap in programs available to the remand population (individuals not convicted who are incarcerated awaiting a further court appearance: bail, trial or sentencing). The project is dedicated to social justice with an objective to enhance and advance the futures of young people who are or have been incarcerated.

The Look At My Life Project’s main objectives are:

1. To increase literacy skills and education levels for young people on remand

2. To provide opportunities and activities for young people on remand to build life skills, develop self-esteem and develop healthy decision making frameworks for safe/healthy choices

3. To identify, recruit and develop key stakeholders to support young people during the Amadeusz program and post-release from prison

4. To document Amadeusz’s  impact on participants and the community through innovative techniques and tools and to contribute knowledge by engaging in research about our target population.