Who We Are


“With the help and support I received from you, I feel I have a second chance at bettering my future when I get released”
“This program has opened doors for me I thought were closed long ago” – Former Look at My Life Project Participant


Amadeusz is a not-for-profit organization based in Toronto, running since 2009. Amadeusz aims to foster the opportunity among young people who are impacted by incarceration, violence and crime to create positive change in their lives and communities.

Amadeusz focuses on various projects, including the Look at My Life Project, Violence Intervention Pilot Project and Project Quiet Storm. 

Look at My Life Project

The Look at My Life Project facilitates education programs for youth who are incarcerated, ages 18-30, who reside at The Toronto South Detention Centre, The Toronto East Detention Centre, and Vanier Centre for Women. The goal of The Look at My Life Project is to provide young people who are in detention with the opportunity, resources and support to complete their high school education and to explore, prepare for and attend post-secondary schooling. 

Violence Intervention Project

Amadeusz, in partnership with Humber College, The Laidlaw Foundation and The City of Toronto’s Toronto Youth Equity Strategy, conducted research on ‘sparks’ for firearm possession among young people in Toronto. This research is the foundation for the Violence Intervention Project. This project works with young people ages 18-30 with firearm related charges and aims to reduce their involvement in serious violence and crime, including firearm possession. Stay tuned, as we will be releasing a report about this project in the coming months.

Project Quiet Storm 

Project Quiet Storm (PQS) is Amadeusz’s effort to continue advocating for equitable access to education for the remand population in Ontario. PQS is a group of stakeholders that was established to fulfill the recommendations outlined in Look at my Life: Access to Education for the Remand Population in Ontario (Woods, Gopal, & George, 2014) to ensure people held in remand will have equal and sustainable access to education.