Ongoing evaluations have shown Amadeusz’ TLMLP is highly effective in increasing educational attainment levels among remanded young people.  This project has opened the door for individuals who experience barriers to re-engaging with formal education and has enabled them to begin a positive transformation in their lives.

“With the help and support I received from you, I feel I have a second chance at bettering my future when I get released”

“This program has opened doors for me I thought were closed long ago”

More than 500 additional individuals including other inmates, correctional officers, family, and friends have been impacted by the project through community events, dissemination and outreach within the detention centres. Our participants have reported a sense of pride in their accomplishments and participation in education programs and how their new focus on education has allowed them to be positive role models to their siblings and friends.

Our Impact to Date:

  • 105 young people have attained their high school education (GED or OSSD)
  • 99 young people participated in post-secondary courses, with 103 post-secondary courses attained
  • 135 young people have written their GED
  • Engaged over 500 young people in education activities (high school and post-secondary school)
  • With a wait list of over 100 young people seeking education